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No zombies did not eat my brain.

I know it seems like the only post I put up any more are updates cause I can never find time to blog. I am truly sorry for not posting more often. Life has been so busy.

Back around October , I think, the American Legion Auxiliary unit I belong to had a big change. The president stepped down, which normally is not a bad deal for some people. But I was the Vice President. I had only been a member since Jan 2014. I thought I would have more time to find out what they were all about and the different things they do. Ah No. I have had to learn so much my brain hurts sometimes. But I am glad to say that our unit is growing more then they have in a long time and they seems very excited for future changes and events.

We also moved in November. I am so thankful for my American Legion family as i did not have to rent a trunk, a handful of guys got together and helped us move the big things. Thank god.

Then came December. The holidays are not as crazy for us as for most people cause we do not have children, but we still have a lot of fun things going on. A few Christmas parties, and our annual day at Disney to see the Osborne Spectacular of Lights.  (Sorry the picture quality sucks)

christmas 2014
Christmas 2014 Disney World
kennchristmans 2014
Kenn waiting on the Christmas parade.

I don’t even think I breathed in January. Between doctor appointments, meetings, and American Legion Auxiliary events, the month just breezed past me. I remember thinking I was going to try and get my life back in order that month. Ha Ha. Like that ever really happens.

Maybe the rest of February and March will go a little slower and I can post more and do things around the house to post here,

For those that love looking at pictures of the puppies here are a few.

Thanks for reading.

Freddy after a spa day
Dingo taking over a bed
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I am going to be making some changes soon and will be switching to http://www.jamiepaws.com . I am in the middle of designing the new site and will let you know as soon as it is launched. I have been working on a lot several different projects and have many things in the works. I have launched a Personal Shopper site recently. http://www.mouseketeerwdwpersonalshopper.com Please fell free to look at it and tell me what you think. I am redesigning the layout of that site too. So the current one is just temporary.

As far as the puppies are doing everyone is good. Freddy, the shit-tzu, has differently found his bark and is letting me know it. He also discovered yesterday that he LOVES balloons. I was not able to get a picture of him playing with it. As son as I get a picture or video I will upload it.

I have a very busy month ahead of me so I hope I can blog and upload things cause I really enjoy doing so. I have an American Legion Conference in the middle of the month for about 4 days. Then at hte end of the month I have family coming to visit and will be going to Disney at the end of the month till July 4th. So that will definitely be pictures from that.