DIY Project: $2.00 art

If I did not tell you before I have a few projects I have done around the house. This project I did with only $2.00. Yes I said only $2.00. Our dollar tree is right by our Goodwill, so I went looking for something different.I saw a picture of angels that were faded and saw better days. I have saw something like this on Pinterest and thought I could do that. So I started with the framed print then I went to the Dollar Tree and picked  a wall decal. I am sorry I do not have a picture of the framed print. This is the wall decal I used.


To start the project off I remove the cardboard and art from the frame. Cleaned the glass very well. I closed the clamps back down to secure the glass. Then placed the decal on the front of the glass, just like you would the wall. Then hand it on the wall. I hung mine in the living room, but it would also be great in a bedroom.

I have another project coming up in the next few days. It is my DIY washi tape storage.