Life oh my

So it is said the only thing you know for sure in life is that it will change. Oh man has my life changed.

So where to start. Let’s start at the very beginning, it’s a very good place to start. (She says humming The Sounds of Music.)

So on August 1st 2017 we moved into a classic class c RV from 1977. We originally planned to remodel it before moving into it. But after many trips to the shop and weighting for it back, we had no time. Our lease we up and we had to move out. So we have been remodeling and living in it. Not an easy thing to do and I do not recommend it.

On August 17 2017 my boyfriend, Frank, surprised me on one of our trips to a locate campground we fall in love with. He asked me to marry him. I said “YES”. He is the most wonderful man. I have known him for many many years.  WE are planning to get married at that campground on November 17, 2018.

So before I get ahead of myself I will continue. So Florida was going to get hit by a bad hurricane around the beginning of September 2017 so we hit the road for our first trip out of state. We headed to Alabama. We ended up not far from Montgomery at a campground that was a fort during the french and Indian war. We knew after this trip that we had to hit the road soon, the road was calling.

On around mid March 2018 we plugged the trigger and hit the road to west Texas for a job as a gate guard. It did not work out. So we started gate guard with a different company in South Texas. We are still here and being great.

There were many other things along the way I missed but we’ll leave that ffor another post.

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