$1.00 Summer Sandal DIY


OK we have all had those cheap summer sandals that hurt your toes. I have a cheap and quick fix for it.

I recently picked up a pair of sandals from Dollar Tree for $1.00. After wearing them for 10 minutes the started to hurt my toes.So I started thinking of a super cheap way to fix this.

I had a T shirt sleeve I recently cut off a t shirt I used for a project. ( I always save the scraps.)  I wear a 9 1/2 and the shirt was an XL, I think.

All you need so scissors, the sandals, and the t shirt sleeve.


I started by cutting the on either side of the seam that makes the fabric a loop. It should look like this.


Then I cut the edges where the other seams are. So there are or sewed parts left. Then it will look like this.


After this is done. I cut it so that all the sides are straight. (Sorry forgot a picture of this.)

I then cut this into two pieces length wise and pulled from each size, which makes the fabric longer and it curls a little ( this is alright). Put this to the side.


Now to work on the sandal. Push the tong, the part that goes between your toes, with your fingers it will look like this. Then with a pair of scissors cut it off. Do the same with the other parts of the straps.


Now with the fabric strings you made. Push one of each piece thru the tong hole. This is what you should have.


Then tie them together. Make 2 knots.


With the other sides of the fabric strings push one thru each of the other holes.


I gently tried mine on before knotting those pieces to make sure they were the correct length. Then single or double knot them too. Cut the extra fabric off the end of all the knots. I did not put hot glue on my knots, but if you are a little tough on your sandals you may want to do that. Here is what it looks like after it is knotted and trimmed.


Here is the finished product.