Sorry I have been MIA

I am so sorry I was missing. A lot has been going on.

Kenn was hospitalized for 16 days in October and had major surgery. He is doing a lot better now. I am proud of him he quit smoking during his hospitalization. It has been 4 months now. He is trying to focus more on his health.
My mom moved in with us in November. It has been along process getting things change from PA to FL for her. She has a good bit of medical problems so that makes things hard. I may or may not talk about her on here, I am not sure.
Kenn and I joined a gym and have been trying to workout 3 times a week. Unfortunately that is on hold cause I sprained my ankle on the 17th. Which was our 5 year wedding anniversary. 😦
I am thinking of starting to post recipes I create or one I found and tried.
I have pictures of my nail designs from when I was MIA, I will be posting them on Seriously Polished.
Thanks for sticking by me.